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Winnipeg Sunrooms & Decks Ltd. offers a wide array of products to enhance your home, cottage, condo or mobile home. Entertain friends and family on your new deck, enjoy the seasons in your new sunroom, escape from the rain under your patio cover or experience your first insect free summer inside your condos balcony enclosure.

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What type of 3 Season Sunrooms do we offer?

All of our sunrooms and balcony enclosures are custom designed for your lifestyle and your home. Sunrooms occupy a special role within the layout of your home. We take the time to develop a sunroom design with the desired features that enhance the look of your home. The appropriate roof design will provide continuity throughout your house. We are able to add a gable style roof design on a two storey home. This provides more height and creates an open and special feeling. With a single storey home we can maintain that same spacious feeling with a low pitch roof style by providing additional glass on the sides and front wall.

Our two most popular styles are the Full View Model and the Manitoba Room Model.

  • The Full View model offers the best view to the outdoors and features ceiling to floor glass. Additional features include patio doors and screens.
  • The Manitoba Room model provides more privacy with a 24" knee wall consisting of clear or privacy glass or color vinyl siding coordinated to suit your home.
  • Additional features include sliding windows and screens above the 24" wall. By adding dual pane glass to either model you can extend the season by 3 or 4 weeks in the spring and fall.

Our sunrooms feature state of the art roof systems designed specifically to meet the inclement weather of Manitoba winters. Our stress skin roof panel systems are factory manufactured and are ready for on site installation. Our roof panel system is the best on the market. These rigid panels are made of polystyrene foam glued between two aluminum alloy skins. The roof panels are available in 3, 4, 5 or 6 inch thickness and can span up to 20 feet, providing amazing strength and insulation values from R 12 to R 30.

The design of our wall panels and patio doors can accommodate some movement, however based on good construction practices; we install our sunrooms on ground anchor piles. This protects your investment from the normal movement of our Manitoba soil.

Our sunrooms are all fabricated from heavy gauge aluminum extrusions with baked on enamel finishes, ensuring many years of maintenance free use. We use only tempered safety glass in our windows, doors and gables. This ensures added strength and safety. The patio doors feature double locks and stainless steel roller bearings providing you with security and ease of door movement.

All sunrooms and balcony enclosures are professionally designed by Winnipeg Sunrooms & Decks Ltd. and certified by a Manitoba Structural Engineer.

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